Realtime insight on web hooks!

Easy REST interface. POST messages to the following endpoint and GET them realtime!

POST Example

The data POSTed will be relayed to only one consumer as JSON.


curl -X POST \
-d "foo=bar" \
-d "alice=bob" \


{"event_id": "af362a4f08bb573226e8c723e18e6195"}
Warning Only up to 10 events will be buffered. After that older events will be discarded if not consumed.

GET Example

The data is streamed as JSON objects separated by \r\n. If no data is POSTed for 15 seconds a \r\n will be returned to try to keep the connection established.


curl -X GET \


{"alice": "bob", "foo": "bar}\r\n
{"data": "after", "30": "seconds"}\r\n